Thursday, January 11

Jack: Month Three

A little late, but Jack turned 3 months on January 3rd.  Over the past month, Jack has consistently been giving this Mommy a full nights sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night is a rare occurrence now - less than once a week. He gets up between 6-730, and will go right back down for another 2-3 hours sleep after eating. I use this time to get him 'back on schedule', or to work the feedings around what we have going on that day - if there are appointments. I'm also going to guess he is around 15-17lbs now (based on our combined weight on our crummy at home scale). He's starting to get some baby rolls, but he is just so long that the weight doesn't make him very pudgy at all.

Our little Lumber'Jack'  :)
Jack is really starting to grab and grip items a lot better this month. He has started to consistently bring them to his mouth to 'eat' them...I know he's not hungry because he does this all the time, regardless. I joke that his cousin Adley, who he met at Christmas, showed him this neat skill.

Jack is really good at supporting his head now, he doesn't need very much help at all anymore. It still wobbles here and there, but for the most part he prefers to be sitting upright and looking around at his little world. He also loves to 'stand' - he will be in the bouncer before we know it! He also really loves to kick.

His favourite thing to do this month: flying in the air - complete with flying sounds.  No matter how grumpy he is, if you 'fly him' and make the noises, by the time you land, he is all giggles and has forgotten to be grumpy. :)

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