Friday, February 9

Jack: Month Four

A little late posting this - the photos were taken on time though hehe. Jack turned four months on the 3rd. He is a big, little man. Loves his hands in his mouth, and becoming more and more aware of his surroundings.

He loves standing. This month, we've introduced him to his exersaucer - 10-15 minutes a day. The look on his face when he realizes he's "standing" without you is amazing - he is just so happy.  We got the exersaucer on loan, but he received a jumper for Christmas from some amazing friends - so I will have to put that together for him.  He has great head and neck control, so now he gets these toys hehe. 

We have also started going to a "Mommy and Me" workout class at a local gym. The babies all lie on the mat in the middle and we do circuit training around them. Jack just babbles away the whole time, just so much to see, and other little ones to babble to. 

We have also taken Jack out for rides in his little sled in the snow, and have gone snowshoeing in his carrier. While he is heavy, he is a little furnace, so we keep each other especially toasty while we are mucking about in the snow.  It's a lot of fun, but I am looking forward to warmer days, and spending mornings in the garden and afternoons at our beaches with him :)

This month we are going to look into swimming lessons. They do have to be 6 months in this area to participate, but I want to get him signed up, and then go to the local pool a few times before just to get him used to it... and have Mommy time with some of my other mommy friends :)

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