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  1. Hi, I wrote to you on your etsy shop, my name is Amy Cormode, and I love your tree watercolors. I would very much like to use the beautiful one with the roots showing at the bottom as the graphic for a camp I am leading at my church this summer. Please get back to me at your convenience if this would be a possibility and how I can go about it. Thank you!

  2. My husband just told me what I want to ask is if I can licence it for promotional materials. I am the Minister of Spiritual Formation for Children Youth and Families at Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Tucson, AZ. I expect to have between 25-50 children attend the week long camp. I am using a theme of "Rooted" for the week, and possibly for the entire upcoming year. I love the look of your trees.

  3. hi, i want to know how you realize you three. it's for my school. tank you


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