A Colourful Piece of Sunshine for your Walls

I began 'Jellybeans' back when I was in university back in 2006, creating these original watercolor trees with the fun and modern circular designs. I have put a lot of thought, effort and love into my original art works and take pride in knowing that I have created this business and these designs using inspiration that I have found just outside my window and all around the natural world. Listing my artwork on Etsy was a way for a starving student - myself - to be able to afford more art supplies and to continue to create. Now, I continue to paint - a graduate, and working in a hospital - as a means of artistic expression and find joy sharing my colourful art pieces with everyone.

I never would have dreamt that it would reach this magnitude, and I am ever thrilled that it has. I am so proud of what I've created through Etsy with my artwork, and that I can share it with the world.

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